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An Arabic/Islamic name for a girl meaning “rich” and “successful” Welcome back to Naija Girl Talks! This is your host, Olamide Iyanda. We`re officially in season 4, and of course, we`ve got the last cores for you. In this podcast, recurring cast members Nicole and Deb discuss what “femininity” means to them and how their definition has been redefined and shaped by their experiences. Listen to how we share vulnerable moments and affirm each other as women. It is sure to inspire you to design your own trip. Find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Anchor as the “Naija Girl Talks Podcast”. If you like what you`re listening to, catch up on another episode or two. Even send the link to a friend to go to the heart! Oshey! Don`t forget to leave a review 🗯 and subscribe! 📲Starring🎙 Production: Naija simply means “The New Nigeria” – a Nigeria that the average young Naija is proud of. The name gives me a sense of belonging.

I love Naija. Buchy, Nigeria The word naija for me means the entire Nigerian people, wherever they are. And it also unites Nigerians and makes them proud of themselves as a nation. Bulama Musa, Lagos, Nigeria The word naija is a term used to describe the country we all want to create for the next generation. This is the real Nigeria we want to build. A Nigeria different from the past, which, we all agree, did not go as well as we had hoped. Ikechukwu Richard Ogbowu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria Whether things go well or it seems like the world is about to end, “Naija!” – also written 9ja – expresses it all. Naija means people with different talents, people who love, people who believe in faith and don`t worry about what they`re going to eat the next day. People who consider joy as their birthright, people with so many cultures and traditions, people full of life, people of strength and loyalty, and people of character. This is the meaning of Naija.

Chituga, Rumuobiokani, Nigeria Naija is a word coined by Nigerian youth from the local English language, spoken mainly in the southern part of the country. You put a lot of emphasis on saying it to show your love for the country. Abdulmuminu, Kano, Nigeria Why is a lazy man from the north-east of England still so popular around the world almost 60 years after he first appeared in the Daily Mirror? We Nigerians are confident people – proud of our culture and identity, hardworking, hardworking, brilliant and formidable survivors. No wonder a poll has already revealed that Nigerians are the happiest people in the world – we have a great ability to laugh at ourselves. What Naija means to me is: Nai – the old Nigeria with a bad image because of corrupt ex-leaders and Yes – a slang to disappear. So when we say naija, it means that we young people are determined to clean up the country and show the world the true color of this great nation. Naija really! Simon, Enugu, Nigeria Bilkisu Labaran and Peter Okwoche present on Friday, 1. October at 16:00 GMT a two-hour BBC Focus on Africa special to mark Nigeria`s 50th anniversary.

“Nigeria has a bad image abroad, but young people want the world to know that change is happening from within.” The word naija sums up the variety of emotions I feel for my country, especially as it celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence. Then you know you`re in the crowd. They are accepted. We trust them. Let`s face it, we need to be resilient – Nigeria can be extremely frustrating, boring and inefficient. Scientists are debating the possibility of harnessing the force of gravity for interstellar space travel. I`m looking forward to this new season! I`ve been listening since the beginning and this is definitely the podcast to listen to, for the everyday Nigerian American woman (and man lol)!!! It must be punchy – both syllables must be stressed, but with a hook for the “nai” and jab for the “yes”. Naajiha lives up to the meaning of her name, she has achieved all her goals and dreams. The four-year-old boy who became the center of a controversy between India and Pakistan – and between his father and mother.

Key moments in Nigeria`s recent history from BBC News archives These are the themes!! The topics are so well chosen and carefully covered. I like to listen because I feel seen, and I learn every time. Really precious. Madubuike Ezekwe Thywill, Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State, Nigeria The word naija means something new to me and very different from a past that we all agree was not as perfect as we would have liked. It represents the new Nigeria, the real Nigeria that we all want to build. Ikecukwu Richard Ogbowu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria Hey Naija Girls + Friends! It`s been a while, but we`re back for a fourth season! Thank you for riding with us. Get a friend to all that sweet core so you can both laugh! Stay tuned for the upcoming release of S4E1. Nigeria`s two leading presidential candidates are signing an agreement to prevent violence in hard-fought elections due to take place on Saturday.

Naija means a new beginning. It is hope for the future. Nigeria may die, but from the ashes is reborn a generation determined to be truly different, truly great, truly NAIJA! Dehl Umobio, Abuja, Nigeria My Nigerian colleague Peter Okwoche says this is because Naija means a new beginning or a new beginning for Nigeria.