Usa Swimming Coaches Requirements

USA Swimming extends through March 31, 2021 for instructors whose lifeguard training, water safety training, or CPR/AED certification expires between July 31, 2020 and March 31, 2021. To ensure that all new clubs benefit from qualified coaching leadership, USA Swimming requires the following criteria for head coaches of new swim clubs. Coaches can meet the basic requirements in two ways: a combination of education and experience, or for those with no experience, a purely educational option is available. USA Swimming exists for the growth and success of swimming in the United States. Coaches are an integral part of this mission, guiding swimmers to excellence in the pool and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in life beyond competition. They will find the resources they need, including education, safety training, information on safe sports, information on workshops and clinics, and much more. Questions about coach certification, APT and USADA coaching advantage: The STSC requirement consists of two components: (A) an online course and test, and (B) an in-water skills session. One. All coaches must complete and test the online course. B. There are three ways to complete the Water Skills session. Find the option that works best for you, then scroll down for more information about that option: Requirements should always be kept up to date.

There is no grace period; Coaching membership is not valid if any of the requirements expire or expire. Coaches do not have USA Swimming insurance coverage if their membership is not valid; Club insurance is also threatened by the fact that coaches whose certifications have expired are allowed to be on deck. To help coaches manage their membership requirements, the date each requirement expires is printed on the U.S. Swim Coach membership card and is available on the USA Swimming app and through the club`s online portal. Below is a list of CPR/AED courses approved by the Operational Risk Committee. Course certifications not on this list will not be accepted. Since 1988, all instructor members have been required to meet the safety training requirements established by the USA Swimming Board of Directors. USA Swimming requires instructor members to demonstrate the following courses: Swim Coach Safety Training and CPR. First aid is no longer necessary as it is integrated into the new Safety Training for Swim Coaches online course. Background check questions:

Trainers who cannot find an ARC instructor to facilitate the competency session can now contact a certified lifeguard instructor from another organization and provide them with the STSC Water Skills Checklist. The instructor must be certified by one of the organizations listed on the checklist. Coaches who wish to benefit from the experience outside of USA Swimming will also be considered during the club`s candidate`s one-on-one interview with their designated USA Swimming Sport Development employee. Please provide your experience in the designated section of the Club`s “Requirements Checklist” cover page. Completion of U.S. Swimming Background Check and Training Requirement for Athlete Protection The experience of the U.S. Swim Coach is verified against the membership database. The head coach, head coach experience or otherwise will be determined during the individual interview of the club candidate with the designated employee of USA Swimming Sport Development. NOT ACCEPTABLE: Unless otherwise stated, instructor certifications are NOT ACCEPTED, including first aid, health and safety for trainers and foreign certifications. Please see the Coaching Member Checklist page for more information. Below is a list of acceptable CPR and STSC courses. Participation in courses that are not on this list is not acceptable to become an instructor.

CPR and STSC are each valid for two years. If you`re having trouble finding an instructor, follow the link to find an American Red Cross member near you. They can help you find an institution and instructor. At least four consecutive years of coaching experience with USA Swimming or any other organization within the past five years, including two years of experience as a head coach, head coach or similar, at the discretion of USA Swimming`s sport development staff. From an insurance point of view, you are no longer insured as a trainer from the expiry date of one of your security cards. You are immediately considered a non-athlete member who is no longer a coach. IMPORTANT: If other organizations listed below issue American Red Cross and/or American Heart Association certificates/cards from an approved course, they are acceptable.