Vacante Legal Panama

Legal Assistant Release date: September 15, 2022 Description: We are looking for a position for the Legal Assistant position. Functions: Assist the firm`s lawyers in the preparation and proper filing of files, which must be identified and in perfect order. Perform immigration procedures such as: obtaining quotas, submitting residency applications, immigration status, multiple entry visas. Perform client registrations, card management and other due diligence entrusted to the National Migration Service. Perform work procedures such as: obtaining quotas, submitting work permit applications, notifications, card management and other due diligence checks before MITRADEL. Manage by presentation or telematics various procedures before the Public Registry of Panama, such as: certifications, registrations of public acts, farm investigations and any other due diligence that is assigned. Take care of notarial procedures such as: preparation of protocols, protocols, acts and others. Verify that the information in files, legal documents and writings is accurate so that lawyers can use it correctly and when needed. Keep lawyers informed of the progress of the procedures and/or files carried out by the firm on behalf and representation of its clients before the judicial authorities, immigration, the work of the public registry, the electoral court or others. Prerequisites: Law student. Contact: Processing Officer Release date: 20. August 2022 Description: Data Controller Requirements for Law Studies Student. Age: 20 years and older.

Experience: at least 1 year in similar positions. Objective To support the legal adviser in his/her duties with the relevant areas in the legal aspects. Responsibilities * Manage systems for tracking procedures and records. * Implementation of the formalization process of loans approved by the bank. * Support for meetings with syndicated credit banks. * Assistance in responding to judicial functions with the support of the field concerned. * Preparation and review of promises of payment and assistance in the preparation of cancellation and consent protocols. Minimum experience: 1 year Contact: He is responsible for handling all legal issues of the company: preparation of contracts, document management at. Head of Procedure Release date: August 13, 2022 Description: We are looking for a lawyer with the following profile: • Bachelor of Law and Political Science (appropriate) • Minimum experience of 5 years of experience in legal processing, real estate and personnel management. • Preparation of deeds, contracts, company minutes, horizontal property and company law, tax reforms, trusts and real estate regulations • Management of real estate and taxes. • Management of collection processes • Availability in Panama City.

Province: Panama Contact: Trades Assistance Company: Banco General Release date: September 13, 2022 Description: KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Verify, understand and analyze information requested in court summary orders (offices), indictment system, EPP and corporate finance. Search and review in the bank`s various systems and tools the information requested in court orders (offices) of the summaries. Collect and analyze documentation received from systems. Coordinate with other areas of the bank the information and documents corresponding to each court order (office) of the summary. Follow up on information or documents requested by Bank divisions in order to respond to the Authority within a maximum of 15 days and without delay for court orders (offices) of the indictment system. Evaluate information or documentation gathered from the system and the different areas of the bank, support expert due diligence and eye inspections carried out by bank officials. Write letters to the competent authorities following the investigation into summaries, APS, PEP and general finance. Administration to courts, municipalities and other banks in the context of court orders (consultations, validation of data, sending copies of cheques instead of originals, follow-up, etc.). Support from the security zone to immediately pay attention to court orders (offices) that are urgent processes involving detainees.

Check the videos received from security before sending them to the authorities. Prerequisite: EDUCATION: Have successfully completed or are about to complete graduate studies in law, political science or a related career. EXPERIENCE: Experience in positions where you have had to apply knowledge related to the banking sector. SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point) Knowledge of COBIS modules Service and sales platform Good grammar and spelling of the Spanish language Contact: Apply at the link: Analyze, draft, interpret and edit documents, files, contracts, agreements, draft laws. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer Release date: September 20, 2022 Description: • Support for continuous improvement of key M&E standards, processes and systems/tools. • Maintain knowledge of M&E best practices and guidelines, and help train programmatic staff on these practices as required. • Regular monitoring, analysis and reporting on programme indicators, progress against objectives, programme achievements and lessons learned. • Conducts baseline and intermediate quantitative analysis, including descriptive statistics, develops baseline scores and monitors progress against baselines. • Development and production of diagrams, graphs, infographics and other visualizations for program activities and successes; Aggregated reporting at the country office level.

• Perform data checks to ensure the quality of data related to analysis and research. • ensure continuity of feedback mechanisms for beneficiaries; support mechanisms and submission of responses to all recipient comments. • Contribute to ensuring that feedback mechanisms are inclusive, accessible and appropriate for the beneficiary population. Prerequisites: • Vocational training in the field concerned, preferably in the social sectors. (economics, statistics, international relations, sociology, anthropology, law, etc.) • At least 2 years of experience in related roles. • Fluency in English and Spanish (oral and written) desirable. • Work or academic experience is desirable in humanitarian issues, assistance to refugees or displaced persons. • Experience in drafting donor reports is desirable. • Excellent critical thinking skills; Multitasking capability. • Ability to perform consolidation of large volumes of data documents. • Experience in cleaning and verifying data quality and conversion to required formats agreed with program staff.

Minimum experience: 2 years Province: Panama Contact: Apply at link: Litigator Release date: 13. August 2022 Description: We are looking for lawyers interested in working in a form and meeting the following profile: • Degree in Law and Political Science (appropriate) • Graduate studies (desirable) • Minimum experience of 3 years as a litigator (criminal and/or civil). • Excellent availability of verbal and written communication in Panama City. Province: Panama Contact: – Professional with good reading, writing and agility in transcribing documents -With the management of.