Vedanta Legal Advocates

Increasing the production of zinc, silver, aluminum and steel would depend to a large extent on the legal function to provide clarity and ensure compliance with the regulatory and legal framework to achieve its objectives. In addition, as part of Vedanta`s broader expansion plans, the team would also support the Group in its broader expansion plans through mergers and acquisitions and other potential acquisitions under IBC. In addition, the closure of our business units in Goa and Tuticorin has not only had a negative impact on the national economy, but has also had an impact on local communities in the form of job losses, as well as the loss of local supplier businesses. The legal team will therefore continue to advance its legal and policy advocacy initiatives by working with the government and local communities to resume its activities in these locations. In addition, our in-house legal team works closely together to facilitate the continuation of corporate social responsibility activities and provides legal expertise in the implementation of the CSR framework, including the establishment of Nand Ghars (education centres) in different parts of the country. VEDANTA LAW CHAMBERS believes in a multidisciplinary approach and includes auditors, a certified treasury manager and a few corporate secretaries, in addition to each of them who are lawyers. The firm is staffed by highly qualified and trained lawyers and has experience in both Indian and international environments. We are known for “acting in the best interest of our clients” and we work to reduce unnecessary or avoidable legal fees through innovation and forward-thinking thinking. Can you briefly explain how the legal team is structured? Vedanta`s legal team includes a total of sixty talented lawyers in twelve business units, led by our Group General Counsel, Nitin Banerjee.

He is an international business lawyer with over 20 years of industry experience and has been associated with Vedanta Group since 2017. We have a decentralized team structure with independent legal teams in each of our business units, led by the respective BU General Counsel, as well as a corporate legal team at the center, jointly led by the Group General Counsel. In addition, we also have a unique feature of a Legal Counsel (LC), a college composed of the most experienced members of our legal team from our various activities, responsible for general advice and advice on key strategic issues at Group level, and playing a key role in the implementation of the overall vision and charter of the legal function. Our legal team includes the following broad functional areas: management consulting; litigation and litigation; insurance and risk management; Careful; contract management (full duration of the contract); political advocacy; ethics and corporate governance; problems affecting reputation; Intellectual property management. What are the key projects your legal team has been involved in over the past two years? Vedanta`s diversified activities and ongoing expansion projects in various sectors have provided the team with numerous opportunities to work and advise on various complex issues and transactions in domestic and international jurisdictions – from handling relevant disputes, international arbitration, entering into IBC transactions, to providing strategic and legal advice on various treasury and merger transactions and acquisitions of the company. In an important development for Vedanta, the legal team secured a positive arbitration award from the National Green Tribunal, New Delhi to reopen our Tuticorin copper plant in December 2018. This case received excessive media coverage due to a poor understanding of the situation on the ground. The expertise and knowledge of the legal team was crucial in securing this award, which dispelled various misconceptions and misconceptions among the public. The legal team also successfully challenged the liquidation proceedings against our copper mines in Zambia and obtained a positive order from the High Court in Johannesburg granting a temporary stay of the aforementioned liquidation proceedings.