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Prior to her appointment to her current position, Jenn served as Vice President and Assistant General Counsel from April 2019 to April 2022. Jenn also served as Vice President and General Counsel of VF Outdoor, LLC, a subsidiary of VF Corporation, from 2016 to 2019. In this role, Jenn was responsible for providing legal support to The North Face®, Vans®, JanSport®, Eagle Creek® and Altra®. Jenn joined VF in December 2013 and has over 20 years of experience in legal practice, much of which was focused on intellectual property. Prior to VF, Jenn worked in-house at Gap Inc. and Electronics for Imaging, Inc. and in private practice at Perkins Coie LLP and Burke, Williams & Sorensen LLP. Meagher, who replaced VF`s first general counsel, Candace Cummings, after her retirement in 2012, is not the only notable lawyer to have recently left the firm. Jenn Sim was recently promoted to Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary and appointed to VF`s leadership team. Jenn has over 20 years of legal experience and joined VF in 2013 when she joined our outdoor sports and action coalition as General Counsel before assuming responsibility for legal support for the West Americas region and the brands there. Prior to her appointment to her current position, she was VF`s Deputy Vice President, General Counsel. Jenn shares the leadership lessons she has learned throughout her career and the vision she has for her new role.

VF`s legal department is strongly committed to inclusion, diversity, justice and equality. We believe that a culturally inclusive and diverse workplace leads to more creative, innovative and impactful outcomes. Over the past year, we have taken several steps to demonstrate our commitment, including the creation of a three-year I&D action plan, unconscious bias training, and integrating I&D into the key pillar of our global strategy. We strive to be an industry leader in inclusion and diversity and an employer of choice in attracting and retaining the best lawyers. To that end, we are participating in the Diversity Lab`s first Mansfield Rule for Law Departments pilot program. With this program, we commit to considering 50% of underrepresented people, defined as women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, when hiring, promoting, or providing high-profile opportunities in our legal department. VF operates three different legal entities in the UK, each with over 250 employees. Details of this report include compensation data by gender for each unit: VF Northern Europe Services Ltd., which is responsible for our UK retail store operations; VF Northern Europe Ltd., which is responsible for our UK wholesale business as well as the provision of centralised services in EMEA; and Williamson-Dickie, a global workwear business operating in the United Kingdom through its legal entity Williamson-Dickie Europe Ltd. Williamson-Dickie was acquired by VF on 2 October 2017; However, we intend to finalize the complete closure of stores in EMEA by March 31, 2021. VF Corp., owner of brands such as Vans shoes and Timberland apparel, has promoted Jennifer Sim, an associate lawyer, to the company`s most senior legal positions. We also know that our goal of achieving equality in the legal profession cannot be separated from the work underway to end racial discrimination and injustice and promote human rights.

In line with VF`s purpose and guiding principles and our commitment to promoting inclusion, diversity, equity and equality, we are very pleased to announce that we have implemented a pro bono program that offers all members of VF`s legal department the opportunity to take up to 40 hours per year to participate in legal activities, Civic, community, charitable or educational activities that make the most sense to us and where our unique skills are most valuable. Our team is diverse in every way, including how our passion calls us to action – efforts to fight racism, protect the right to vote, protect protesters and work with law enforcement, support small businesses, and work with nonprofits that aim to improve justice and equality across the legal system – and our program is structured with flexibility that everyone can follow their passion. In addition to exploring opportunities with non-profit partners and legal aid organizations, we welcome the opportunity to work with our law firms on pro bono initiatives and look forward to exploring ways to achieve this. The Code provides instructions for acting in accordance with laws, other legal requirements and company policies. VF also provides more detailed guidelines and procedures for demonstrating ethical conduct, many of which are referenced in the Code. Our Code includes Q&A scenarios to identify ways in which our values and guiding principles can be translated into our day-to-day actions. Doerr succeeds former Kontoor general counsel Laurel Krueger, who left the company last year to become general counsel at fashion apparel retailer Express Inc. Following Krueger`s departure, Kontoor selected Miranda Fields Stephani, Assistant General Counsel, as Acting General Counsel. VF is one of 19 legal departments in the United States. to receive Mansfield certification in 2020 – a certification that ensures underrepresented candidates such as women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities are considered in the hiring process.

Kellye Gordon, Vice President of Ethics and Compliance and Legal Operations, shares the importance of this certification and how VF`s legal team has gone above and beyond the requirements by accepting at least 50% underrepresented candidates for every new hire in the department. In response to the issue of racial injustice, read VF`s new legal department initiative, Protest with Purpose. Launched at Juneteenth, it outlines the key actions of the legal team within VF and its brands, as well as in collaboration with third-party legal service providers and community partners, to combat racism, challenge the status quo, and advance the cause of equality and justice for all. VF operates two separate legal entities in the UK, each with over 250 employees. Details in this report include salary data by gender for each company: VF Northern Europe Ltd., which is responsible for our UK wholesale business as well as providing centralised services to EMEA; VF Northern Europe Services Ltd., which is responsible for our retail store operations in the UK. The recent tragic events call us to raise our voices and try to do something to eliminate the systemic racial biases that are so deeply rooted in our society and to help communities of color. It is an issue that has so many levels, but it is very important, a legal issue. She succeeds Laura Meagher, who retired last month after spending the past decade leading VF`s legal group, company spokesman Colin Wheeler said.

Craig is responsible for all aspects of communications that help promote and protect VF`s reputation, including public relations, crisis and issue management, management visibility, VF`s digital and social channels, and corporate sponsorship and advertising. He leads internal communications strategies that align VF`s 50,000 employees with corporate strategy and helps manage VF`s relationships with key stakeholders, industry associations, community organizations and elected officials. The Board of Directors believes that management speaks on behalf of VF Corporation (“VF”).