Employee Screening


The human brain is a complex organ made up of dynamic biochemical-electrical networks which processes sensory input into cognitive, perceptual, behavioural and emotional outputs.

Modern technology makes it possible to measure brain structure and function with brain imaging technologies e.g. CT, MRI, PET and SPECT. These procedures are however very expensive and are often done to confirm a diagnosis of brain pathology.

Cognitive function can be measured with scientific neurocognitive testing which is a sensitive indicator of brain health. Cognitive function has a direct impact on employee performance and wellness in the workplace.

Various factors can have an impact on cognitive performance e.g. aging, education, motivation, fatigue, stress, toxins and illness.

Cognitive screening forms part of a comprehensive assessment of cognitive, neurological and mental health status. It entails both qualitative (observation, interview) and quantitative (testing) measures.

The aim of screening is to determine the degree of cognitive impairment and to distinguish between situational factors and underlying brain pathology.

Referral to a psychiatrist or neurologist is based on the test results which may involve further biological work-up and diagnostic investigation.


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